Other Beings and the Church

Brothers and Sisters in Grimace:

I have been approached by several of our number with questions regarding how best to introduce the position of our Lord Grimace to the newer parishioners of our Faith. As you are all aware, it is our responsibility to bring into the fold those who have been chosen by Grimace to be the keepers of His faith. However, we must remember that we exist in order to serve the Greater Good[tm]. It is our task to rescue those influenced by It of the One Tooth. It is our onus to inform others about our Faith as well as how He has guided and shaped our lives. We must help them to understand, that while He is indeed our focus, we are not exclusive in our recognition of other faiths.

As Grimace guides our souls to peace and harmony, he guides us into safety and protection from the guiles of the Evil One. He protects us and teaches us according to the richness and fullness of His wisdom and power. This of course does not grant us immunity and impregnability! While His graces are many and His aid is incessant, there are times at which we must search within and without for further knowledge and assistance.

There are great forces of evil which ally themselves with the vile pretender. Charn'El, high priest of Lyra, comes first to mind when thinking of his many associates, for it was indeed Charn'El that, with his many magics, summoned the great beast to this plane. As such, it is inevitable that we must ally ourselves for our betterment and our defense with those that follow the teachings of another. I refer, of course, to the Maenads of the Holy Albino. As Grimace's power directly counters that of the vile B'harnii, the Holy Albino's doth seek to eliminate the effects of Charn'El. Remember: where B'harnii has allies and accomplices, we must also have our own so as to negate his advantage.

We must also remember in our efforts that while a balance of power may exist between the forces of Evil and Good, our goal is not simply to maintain the balance! Is our goal not the elimination of B'harnii and his eternal banishment from this plane? We must remember that such is not within our power. We must seek to align ourselves with those other deities who do grave battle with the putrescent one. We must accept as our own kindred those who are guided by such beings as Khorne and St. Dino the Avenger. For with them as our allies, we can undo the great evil which has been wrought upon our families and friends. We can push back the vile monstrosty from this great plane. We can save those who have already been affected and we can protect those who have yet to be born!

Friends... Brothers, Sisters. We have before us a great task. And we truly have a Great and Worthy Lord in Grimace. As we seek to serve Him and His Glory, let us also remember that it is not just our *own* good for which we work--it is for the Good of All. As such, we are not alone in our cause and alone we must not act.

Your Brother in Grimace,

Brother Samhain