Symbol of the Church

The symbol of the Church of Grimace, as shown at the top of this page, consists of the letter C interlocked with the letter G. It is typically seen with both letters opening downwards, though at different times may be seen facing other directions. It carries many different meanings, some of which are sacred to each individual believer.

Most obvious among the meanings of the symbol is of course that it simply consists of the first letter of both "Church" and "Grimace."

However, the interlocked letters portray several tenets of the Church as Well.

The collective Church consists of both the believers and also Grimace Himself. The two are inseparable; the believers are always with Grimace, and He is always with Them.

The G only connects directly with a small section of the C. This is symbolic of the relatively small group of brothers and sisters that Grimace chooses to reveal himself to directly. All speak with Him through prayer, but few see him face to face.

Infinity. Grimace is forever. If the C and the G were both closed letters, the symbol for the Church would be the same as the mathematical symbol for infinity.

Grimace and the Church are both open to those who wish to come in. Should someone honestly seek Him or His Church, they will find their way. They shall be greeted and enwrapped warmly.

Spiritual wealth. Often the symbol is seen layered in gold, representing the heart of gold that beats in the hearts of His followers. However, it is not always so; for often those which do not glitter are still golden underneath.

--Brother Samhain