Request for the Fax...

Subject: Re: BARNEY
From: Grandfather Dall
Date: Mon, 27 May 96 00:02:00 -0800

-> As I said before, I don't have a copy of the New York Times
-> article in question.  HOWEVER, I *do* have copies of several other
-> articles about B'harni from various sources.  One from "Parents"
-> magazine, an excerpt from "Time",  an article from "USA Weekend" and
-> an essay written by (now-parent) Aimee Yermish comparing Sesame
-> Street to B'harni.  [She actually sat down and watched both shows
-> back to back and compared them--very informative and good reading.  I
-> doubt I could do better than this one!]


I would like to receive the faxs. I respect anyones opinion if they have a legitimate basis for that opinion. Parents, I have no complaints with their reporting. TIME is a very subjective magazine and I haven't read USA today enough to make an opinion.

-> I've seen it.  And you're pretty hard pressed to find a book... but
-> wait!  There's more!

There are Barney books, I read to my grandkids almost daily and have purchased Barney books for their collection.

-> probably socialistic.  But regardless of if it is or not, it's blind
-> following and does nothing to encourage kids to think, act, read, or
-> learn on their own.  It does nothing except encourage kids to watch
-> his show and sing his songs.

I guess I see different things... I see it teaches children to be considerate of others. After my retirement, I returned to school and worked part time at a video store in the evenings and the kids that watch Barney and that type movies were more polite and well mannered than those that watched or played video games with power rangers and ren & sempy and the simpsons.

-> Now, if you'll take a close look at B'harni's show, you'll
-> notice that the kids are never punished for stealing in any regard.
-> Neither are they punished for cheating... on one occasion even, Baby
-> B'hop was allowed to duck under the limbo bar by B'harni himself, and
-> then he got all the kids to chear.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but is
-> this not one of the behaviors to which you object?  While in many
-> cases it's not allowed to say that such things are a sin, I think
-> they are indeed taught to be wrong.

I have never seen any kids cheating on either the video or tv shows. The closest thing I've see was the Live in New York video where Barney tells the kids that the winkster, did the things he did was an attempt to get attention. I'll bet you've taken psyc courses and thats one of the causes they give for much abnormal behavior...attention getting.

I would like to read the materials you have. I guess that my wife was right about my hearing...I thought that the old saying was "Don't argue politics or religion..." I guess that I missed the part ".....or Barney!"

Best Wishes Steve