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The following are the last comments I've received from Grandfather Dall.

Subject: Re: BARNEY
From: Grandfather Dall
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 96 14:44:00 -0800

I'm back,

Point 1.

-> Steve, I realize your family means a great deal to you--it
-> should.  But you shouldn't have to receive prizes or awards or cite
-> things to prove how great you are.

I wasn't trying to brag or beat my own drum, I was tryimg to point out that I believe actions are lounder than words and we try to get involved in our children and grand children's lives. We didn't apply for this or any other award...our neighbors and community leadership put us in for it.

-> "It is increasingly clear that the origins of human competance are to
-> be found in a critical period of development between eight and
-> eighteen months of age. The child's experiences during these brief
-> months do more to influence future intellectual competance than any
-> time before or after."

I agree, but is it the fault of some TV show that the parents don't get involved with their children...THE POINT OF MY ENTIRE ARGUMENT IS... I believe that Barney is better than no attention at all. No matter what your feelings is toward Barney or any other TV creature is that parents do not spend enough quality time with their children and I don't mean just the toddlers but the elementary, Jr High, and high school kids are included in my belief.

-> about the others--the ones that are not in your perfect family?
-> Remember!

I've never claimed to be perfect..far from it..The point I was trying to make that my family is the most important thing in my life! and I'm willing to accept the responsibility to do the best I can. I do make mistakes, and these have been pointed out to me and try to take all critism and advice into consideration. I consider my self somewhat open minded.

-> >While in the Army I learned to write 'Information Papers' to help
-> get my >point across and I had very good results of swaying command
-> to my point >of view.

The point was that a person can dwell on certain facets or points and down play others when trying to get their point across. I'm pretty sure you're aware of tactics used by lawyers in civil tort and criminal cases depending on what side of the desk their sitting.

-> Everything he did and said taught me what love is, and how I
-> should act towards others.  And let me tell you; I see none of his
-> loving and caring in a fake purple dinosaur.  And I see no TV show in
-> the world that could ever hope or aspire to teach me in 30 minutes
-> what I learned by spending any *single* minute with him.

Amen! We seem to be luck in the parents and grandparents that we had. My grandfather died in 1957 when I was only a young kid, but I can still remember time with him and grandmother like it was yesterday. I could only aspire to achieve his demeanor and interpeace. BUT,! too many children are not truly blessed with a caring loving family like we have. Look at the living hell that some children are going through, molested, abused, neglected, and even murdered by their parents. No matter what you or I feel, say, or do this will never stop.

Wouldn't it be more benefitual to get involved in church or youth programs to set a good example and encourage parents instead of blaming a tv creature? I will assume by your communication abilities that you are adept at public speaking, why not get involved in your school by giving talks to children on a subject they can go home and talk to mom and dad about. or coach a youth sports team and get the parents involved..This is preety easy except in little league because every dad batted .1000 and had 0 errors.

I didn't try to dodge you on your replies, These articles can be interperted the way you want. (I've seen 13 different interpertations in print of the Bible and every religion interpertes it to suit their needs) and Cap'N I'm not trying to compare Barney with God...only making a point about interpertation... communication class you know...

Take it easy,