Excerpts on Child Psychology

and how it relates to Barney...

Taken from "USA Weekend," Sept. 8-10, 1995 Material used without permission, and is still covered by whatever copyrights "USA Weekend" or its authors may have.

Notes and comments about Barney and his influence are not from "USA Weekend in the least. Barney was not even mentioned in the article. However, if the shoe fits...

In an article about EQ, or "Emotional Intelligence Quotient," in a recent "USA Weekend" issue, several pertinent comments were made about helping chlidren to become more emotionally intelligent and stable. This is, as noted, important because, "Emotional lessons learned in childhood stay with us as habits of the heart through life."

The Marshmallow Test

Specifically noted was a "marshmallow test" conducted by Psychologist Walter Mischel of Stanford University. He took several 4 year olds alone into a back room. Each child was told he/she could either eat it, or wait and have 2 instead of one when the researcher returned after a while, supposedly running an errand. One-third snatched it immediately, another third held out a while, and the last third managed to hold off and wait for the reward of 2 marshmallows.

14 years later, Psychologist Phillip Peake of Smith College tracked down the children who'd been given the test. The impulsive children were found to have "grown into troubled young adults...stubborn...easily upset...unable to delay gratification." The top third, however, were "better able to cope with frustrations, more resistant to getting rattled under pressure, more self-reliant--and still able to delay gratification in pursuit of goals."

This relates to Barney because...

In Barney's show, emotions are not dealt with. Desires and wishes are fullfilled without challange or effort. Reality is ignored. Barney is their sole guide and help. See the Yermish Essay for more information on Barney's show, if you haven't already done so.

Common Inept Parenting Styles

Psychologist Carol Hooven of the University of Washington notes 3 of the most common inept parenting styles.

Sound like Barney?

Bribes...gifts...sound like Barney?

Telling children that your feelings don't matter, so just pretend your emotions don't exist except happiness. Sound Like Barney?

If you answered the resounding question above "no" even once, go back and reread the Yermish Essay. You'll soon see why Barney isn't all he claims to be.