Some Comments on Validity

of arguements about Barney

ok, let's examine some of the reason why people hate the purple menace and take the time to give validity to those that deserve it.

SUMMATION: It is my opion and belief that the creator of Barney had the right idea but when Barney was turned over to the great corporate executives he has been made into a morally deficent product who uses all the greatest attention grabbing gimmicks in the world to target him to a young audience. The corporate executives care nothing of our concerns and have shown that time and time again all they care about is making the big bucks off of this character.

Also, I don't really have a problem with a parent popping a tape into the vhs for their children to watch while they do something or turning on a program they know to be a good influence to their children. My main argument with the babysitter trap is that most parents who use Barney as a babysitter don't watch the show and probably never have truly watched the show. Parenting is a job. It entails you controlling the things your child is influenced by. I view most of what my son watches on tv either before he does (if it is a tape) of with him. I'm not a foolish person who has a hatred for a fictitious purple dinosaur I am a parent who has valid reasons for disliking the number one influence on young children today and what he stand for and teaches. I am in no way a member of this newsgroup because it's "the" cool thing to do. I don't dislike Barney because he's the new target of hatred for my generation. I dislike Barney because of what he stands for and is teaching children today. I stand behind the Jihad because one person alone cannot fight this battle and I've found them to have valid reasoning behind their pursuit. Although this newsgroup gets the occasional nut that has nothing more to say then die barney die...kill the purple dinosaur...most of the people here are fighting against what they believe to be a harmful product to our children, and I have to agree with them.

Lady Hawk

I'm not just a mother....I'm a concerned parent with a brain enough to know the difference between right and just plain wrong!

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