Character Profile: Windigo the Feral (NYAR!), aka Commander Inagei, DE

Age -- 23.

Appearance -- Pure white furred humanoid, about 6' tall.  Looks in places 
as if I were crossed with something felid (especially in the eyes and nose).
Fangs, claws.  Ice blue eyes.  Not too unattractive :)  

I also have and carry with me a set of Owsenite-2 battle-claws that fit 
over my natural claws.  (If anyone needs better descriptions, I've a sketch
of my Jihaddi persona over on
ftp://avatar.snc.edu/pub/furry/images/w/windi.jpg.  I can also do a drawing of
the battleclaws.)

NB: Sorry if this is slightly vague--a) I'm better thinking in pictures 
than in words for this kind of thing, and b) this IS loosely based on my
Dreaming-self (with bits carried over from my waking-world self).  No, 
Hamster, you're not insane---yer just what the folks on AHWW would call a 
weredragon. :)

Race -- Atshen.
Ranks, JAOS, etc. --  Oh dear :)  Triumvir Praetor.  Member of Triad 
Council of the Maenads of the Holy Albino and head of Cursed Earth Division.
Commander Inagei of the Doberman Empire.  Lieutenant Commander of the Chosen
of Khorne.  Member of HoEN.  Saint of Church of Blarney and COTABI.  Sage of
the Jihad.

(I THINK that's all of them that I'm actively in and/or still exist...)
Abilities -- Warpspasm (imagine Wolverine or a Berzerker of Khorne during 
full attack mode, combined with slight physical shifting to a deadlier 
and more primeval state--claws and fangs get longer, senses get sharper, 
one moves faster, etc.).  Has affinity with animals (can "talk" with 

History -- Was abandoned by parents at birth for being a "monster" and 
was subsequently raised by wolves and bears.  A pack of werewolves found 
me when I was about eight or so, and educated me as best they could in the 
ways of "civilised" society.

A few years after, my werewolf family was all but killed by a B'Harnist 
army consisting of Loved Ones and Lyrans.  Shortly after, I had my first 
visitation from the Holy Albino, who said I must hunt them down as they 
had risen up something evil.

I went to the cities of man, learned as I could, and began my war that 
continues to this day.  Along the way, I met others who had been Visited,
and it came to pass that we became the Triad Council.  It also came to 
pass we saw the horror of what B'Harne is and what it and the Lyrans mean 
to do to this world in Dreaming and in the waking world.

Hence, we fight.
Weapons -- To mildly bastardise the description of Hive Tyrant weaponry 
in Codex: Tyranids: "Big-Ass Claws (tm), jaws, and a bad attitude."

As stated, wears battleclaws--these are 12" Owsenite-2 blades that are 
kept quite sharp, and fit over my natural claws in a sort of glove-like
process.  (Imagine Freddy Krueger's glove, but not nearly so klunky, and 
you'll have a general idea.)

I also carry a staff-sword, but this is rarely used--I prefer to go in 
disembowling and ripping and shredding. >:)=  Note that sequences where
I'm let go *will* tend to be minor gorefests.

Also, if I get really pissed off, I'll warpspasm.  (Fun. :)

Other bits -- I've only been in human society for six or seven years.  
Hence, I'm going to have some minor anachronisms--snarling, sometimes odd
and archaic ways of saying things (though not all the time), preferring meat
so rare it's actually mooing :), etc.

Anything else in question, feel free to write me about.

For a rough idea of how my character is supposed to be done, feel free to 
look over the Operation: Worldwalk and Operation: Phoenix stuff.

-wtf (nyar!)