Barney vs. Barney
Posted by Ryland on 9/19/1997
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Barney Rubble - the Light Barney
Barney of Light
VS. Barney the Dinosaur - the Dark Barney
Barney of Darkness

Barney and Barney are the duality of the nature of man rendered in primary colors. As with good and evil, there are many superficial similarities between the two:

The differences, however, are more interesting than the similarities.

Barney Rubble, the Light Barney

Barney Rubble's bright spirit and helpful nature, even in the face of self-seeking bully Fred Flintstone's "neighborly" onslaughts, serves to remind us that human nature strives toward an ever-higher plane.

The Light Barney can be flexible, creative, resourceful, and gallant. Even his occasional flares of machismo are redeemed by episode's end. He is a devoted husband and father, a credit to his community.

Barney the Dinosaur, the Dark Barney

An evil construction of purple foam and ersatz good cheer, Barney the Dinosaur is a pestilence that is warping the minds of the world's children.

The Dark Barney must be in control. None of the children on his show may initiate playtime adventures; all direction comes from Barney.

More importantly, non-conformity is strictly discouraged. All the children must maintain an attitude of mindless gaiety, all playtime activities must be group activities. The Dark Barney brutally supresses individuality.

Let's not even go
there, shall we?

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