2) What are all these names and titles I see associated with you guys?

Those are our ranks and names. With each increase in rank, we receive an additional name, indicating our rank and ability.

The names are given by the Doberman High Council until such time as the rank of Commander is reached, at which point the new Commander may select his/her own name. These names are the names of the great warriors of history, legend, and literature, and serve to remind us of the weight of the Goal towards which we work.

Promotions are based on prowess in battle, as well as the consitency and quality of our posts. First and foremost, though, is dedication to and sacrifice for, the Cause™. If we are to succeed, we must all endeavor to do our part.

The ranks are, from lowest to highest:

Enough for now; I'd like to return to Base Delta.

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---Fleet Commander Aurelius Invid Manticore Samhain