Doberman Empire

Jihad, Glory, and Grimace

You have reached the webpage of the glorious Doberman Empire, one of the oldest and greatest JAOs in the Jihad to Destroy Barney!

The Empire operates under the philosophy put forward by Fleet Commander Aurelius Invid Manicore Samhain as the Corollary of Thought and Action:

  1. Free thought and philosophical backing is required if the Jihad is to triumph.
  2. Action, Strength, and Military Might are often required to defend the freedom to think as an individual.
  3. Without Philosophy, the ability to act is impaired.
  4. Without Action, the freedom of Philosophy is Jeopardized.

We realize that the battle against the vile demon is not solely military, nor is it only philosophical. In order to wage successful combat against It of the One Tooth, a combination of military action and philosophical thought must be wrought. Steadfastness of will, clarity of thought, and presence of mind are all required that we may be ready for battle at any time.

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