5) What is the religion of the Empire?

(note that religion is used only for purposes of fiction-writing
and is not intended for any other purpose.)

The Doberman Empire holds Grimace to be the anti-B'harneii, and therefore worships Him. The Church of Grimace is, therefore, the official religion of the Empire and the official food of the Church is the Sticky Shake™ since it is, of course, Grimace's trademark item.

Worship consists of many different things and is unique to each individual, though there are of course certain rites that are specificly written of and described by church members. Two of these rites include The Deep Pyre and the Constitutional of Providence, or CoP. Also, any and all Dobermensch can observe and worship by eating Unhealthy Snacks™ at McDonald's, fighting B'harneii, B*by B*p, B(low) J(ob) and associated Fiends, and listening to Good Music™.

Brothers in the Church of Grimace wear brown robes much like those of the monks of old and carry a staff of knotted hardwood that they use both as support and as their primary weapon during battle. They will not use firearms of any sort while in their robes, though they do posess knoweldge of and ability to use various spells for both offense and defense against the minions of B'harni. Rather than appearing overtly, much of the time they choose to utilize a secret network of passageways that crisscrosses much of the nation.

The Church of Grimace maintains its own web page that can be found at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~midnite/cog/

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