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Barney, the supposedly wonderful lovable huggable children's idol, is really none of those. He's a slime.

Information on WHY Barney is Slime

Perhaps the best is found in an essay comparing B'harni to Sesame Street. Couple this with some notes from psychologists as shown in an issue of "USA Weekend" and you can see what Barney's really like.

Another good reference comes from an issue of Parents Magazine in an article entitled "The Bad News About Barney"--Read it.

A brief, yet interesting article posted by a primary school teacher about why she, as a teacher, hates Barney.

A *very* short excerpt from Time magazine about how he affects children.

A debate between myself and a Grandfather who watches Barney with his grandkids on the merits/demarits of the show!

Boycott Barney!

A bit of pop psychology on generational differences and their connection with Barney

A discussion on the validity of reasons to hate Barney written by a mother.

Fact or Fantasy? Test your knowledge of Barney and Friends and what really goes on behind the scenes with this short quiz complete with answers!

An article from the New Yorker about what a pacifier Barney is.

An article from Time Magazine about how "Stuuuupendous" Barney is.

A speech transcript/paper on toddlers and tv So good, it speaks for itself.

Contrasting Views:

An article from the National Review about the Barney Backlash--and what's right about Barney


An article from the Texas Weekly about Barney's Invasion--and his New-Age sentimentality

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A Review of the Barney Movie from the LA Times!

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Some new articles/references to Barney!

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