Response to my Fax

I faxed Mr. Dall a group of articles, including an excerpt from Time Magazine, a Parents Magazine article, the Yermish Essay, parts of an article from USA Weekend, and Dragon's story. The following email is what I got in reply, converted to HTML for ease of reading.

Subject: Re: BARNEY
From: Grandfather Dall
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 96 08:36:00 -0800

Good Morning Baby Bop!

Have been busy and will be leaving for Sacramento at noon for two weeks.

Couple coments:


" THREATENED TO BOYCOTT SCHOOL UNTIL HER PARENTS AGREEDED TO VIDEOTAPE THE SHOW FOR HER." Think about this, I'll bet you the kid wanted to watch Barney and either balked or cried and mommy said " I'll tape Barney and you can watch it when you get home from preschool." Think about it, howmany young kids say NO! when they don't get their way. I have seven grandkids and four kids of my own and I went through this, as every parent has with a toy truck, the swimming pool, bikes, cartoons on TV anything that has the childs attention at the time. The author of this article is using a personal prejudice against Barney to try to make a point.


I don't see where you connect this article with Barney. The article is written on an unproven theory. I would bet that you have either taken courses in journalism or statistics and you know both of these can be do in a sujective manner with all obljectivity thrown out the window. I myself reviewed investigations from everything from automobile accidents to murder and found that people can manipulate anything the hear, read or, see.

While in the Army I learned to write 'Information Papers' to help get my point across and I had very good results of swaying command to my point of view. The article also has a 14 year test time, PBS added Barney & Friends to lineup in 1992. Therefore, I don't think this test targets Barney as I feel you are trying to make me believe, and if you are using it as a reference I feel that the children watching Barney are tought to be in the third group, those that are taught act in a more socialy acceptable manner.


Ms Levy seems to have forgotten that we are talking about young children...

Let me give you a little personal background about myself before I go on to let you know why I feel the way I do. Attened C/I SERE school before being sent to Vietnam. The purpose of this school , Counter Insurgencty, is to teach you how to look for indicators and other environmental factors that help people act and think as they do. Degree in Marketing, .....persuade you to buy things you really don't need!

Reviewed investigations to insure all evidence was complete and relevant. Did almost 350 a year for awhile. After I was completed they were reviewed by legal experts to insure that airtight and that the accused was afforded every right allowed by regulation and law. I also have a degree in Administration of Justice (law) and all the courses for a degree in Corrections. My family was selected as the Runner up in the world as the "Great American Family" this was done due to our involvement in our communities and childrens activities. I have coached youth Soccer from aged 5 up including a High School soccer team. I have also coached baseball, basketball and taught bowling to children. I was a Cub Master, Scout Master and a Girl Scout leader. [I try to keep informed of what my children are doing, my son is a Corrections Officer, aged 25, and my wife and I pile the mother-in-law and grand kids in the cars and watch his game.

Subject: Re: BARNEY
From: Grandfather Dall
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 96 10:10:00 -0800


WE still stay involved with our kids. Two weeks ago I shot a wedding for my son-in-laws sister and a next week end I'm shooting one for a young man who spent alot of time with us after his father and brother were killed by drunk drivers. While in the Army I was able to take off and attend classes given by a Barnum & Bailey Clown so that I could work at the child care center carnivals and try not to scare the kids. I also have a small zoo {?} at my house for the kids I have a goat, coyote/golen lab mix, from 0 to over 20 cats at a time. cages of rabbits and my little jungle full of sun-flowers and bird feeders so the kids and papa [me] can watch the birds eat. We also have horses and cows across the street that the kids visit with.

It really bothers me to see a child scared when they get near animals so I have them around and so far I have shown kids that animals are ok if you are careful...

The point of the above was, that I know a little about kids and how they think, most of the problem kids that I have run across could be summed up best "kids with problem parents!"

I'll also make the assumption that you read the newspaper and listen to the news. I'm not sure of your age but I'd guess between 22-25. The world is a different place than when I was growing up. Children were allowed to be kids without living a life of fear like todays kids. I am unfortinate to be living in California and everyday young children are being shot down or beaten to death by gang bangers who are mindless preditors. Children are no longer no longer considered people but political footballs to be used by politions and no-accounts to try to make a point or a quick buck!

Well back to Ms Levy

Why not allow children to have time of enjoyment and pleasure watching things they enjoy and relate to. I watch football and go to the movies because I relate to them. TV is a media for excape and education why not allow our children the same. The illustrations are the same thing that most loving parents would say to their child. "KATHY IS JEALOUS BECAUSE< UNLIKE HER FRIENDS< SHE HAS NO SIBLING OR FATHER" Barney promptly responds " You have a mother and Grandmother who love you very much" What would Ms Levy said' " Look you little bastard kid, your momma got knocked up and your daddy is a no account that skipped town, so make the best of it!" "I'M HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY." What would Ms Levy want him to say. "So what, I'm not having such a great day myself, get lost we don't want you ruiningour fun."

Ms Levy seems to have forgotton that this is a childrens show. She would be critical of anything said or done.

Aimee Yermish

" Barney is *not* innocent, wholesome, good for-rug-rats fun. I feel sorry for the family of this person. I was really wondering about this woman by the time I finished the article, she says she's not stupid, I'd wonder about that, as well as paranoid and down right hateful. What I'd say to her is THIS IS A KIDS SHOW STUPID, JUST BECAUSE YOUR LIFE SUCKS LET THE KIDS HAVE A LIFE!!!! I watch Barney with my grandkids and my grand son who is only 3 years old says please and thank you when he asks for things. He says excuse me and Bless you when he hears people snneze. We reinforce this behavior and the two year old is picking up the same behavior. Ms Yermish states her distaste for the conformity on Barney. Ask any school teacher if they would like the kids in their classroom to conform to the acceptable standards like taught on Barney. I have seen conflict on Barney and I guess that ending a conflict with discussion instead of violence is against the beliefs of some people. She also states that she is childless, could it be that she has her oun preconcieved notions of the show then wrote her essay to match?

Then I'm not sure if you were pulling my leg or what with the article about the headbanger who claims that the five year old cut him with a knife. First of all if this kid was a hemopheliac and he was supposed to keep an eye on him how did he get a knife in the first place. By reading the article, I wouldn't let this guy watch anything of mine he sounds like a real live wire with a shot circuit here and there!

Here's a little research information that I have collected;

There are 13.5 million viewers of Barney and Friends and one out of three persons watching are between the ages of 18-49.
PBS Audience Report, 8/95

Yale University childrens television researchers Drs Jerome and Dorthy Singer declared that the Barney & Friends series to be " Nearly a model of what a preschool program should be," offering many opportunities for preschoolers to learn the skills necessary for success in school.

Barney makes visits to childrens hospitals to uplift the spirts of children in the United States and other countries.

Childrens developement is broken down into four key areas. cognitive, social emotional and physical. The producers of Barney use a team of early choldhood specialist to develope the show. Yale University researchers has also found that the show particulary influences language developement, one of the indicators of future success in school.

The show was also found the show to have a positive influence on children of all groups especially of culturally diverse and low income groups.

Also teachers who took part in a study conducted on the influence of Barney found that after viewing Barney & Friends episodes of violent-type play were reduced among preschool students.

Also Barney has proven it is possible for young children to have fun while learning.

I could go on and on, but as a grandparent who has grandkids and have personnaly seen the positive effects and reading the results of the Yale University research and seeing first hand the behavior of children exposed to Barney, I will have to continue to disagree with you concerning Barney.

Feel free to respond, but take into consideration that I'll be unable to respond until 6/24.

Best Wishes Steve