A brief overview of the Jihad's roleplay systems

Jihad Universe 2.5

This is the standard roleplaying system used by the Jihad. JU2 is an attempt to impart sanity into the Jihad roleplaying universe by establishing rules regulating magic and physics. JU2.5 is a patch that adds some more detail. Much of the classic Jihad weaponry and equipment, like the Burgermasterblaster, would be rejected if proposed under JU2. The space fleets and sufficiently advanced technology are gone. Certain parts of the Base Delta Tour, written prior to JU2, are against the newer rules.

Jihad Universe 2 is described in detail on the Jihad's site.

"Jihad Universe 1"

The way role-playing was originally: pure fantasy with few rules other than the Corollary Politic. Ops involved lots of Mary Sue self-glorification and munchkinism, and the Jihad's powers extended into stellar and interdimensional conquest. There were few limits other than whether something was interesting, would add to the story, and could be role-played well. One character was a Q, for instance, and most of the dragons, aliens, and other assorted faefolk showed up under this system.

Battlefield tactics were heavily influenced by the Hellwyrm's traits, with Good Music and alcohol delivery systems being just as useful and important as guns. Mundanes almost never get involved if they are even written into the stories at all; apparently no government ever noticed or complained about Doberman sea fleets larger than the United States Navy.

Jihad Universe 3

An unofficial extension, for a specialty Op, that wasn't cleared with the rest of the Jihad (kind of like RSS 2). There are major differences with former Jihad roleplay. In this storyline, B'harnii and his minions retreated from the Earth in 1999, causing the Jihad to disband and destroy pretty much all of their bases and equipment (Delta was caved in, for instance). The hundreds of thousands of NPC Jihaddi have been retconned, and the number of Jihaddi left is not much greater than the number of people actually participating in RP. When the Hell Wyrm returns, the Jihad will have no allies and is going to have to scrounge for materials and use hit and run tactics.

The chief difference with prior Jihad fiction is the weakening of the Corollary Politic. With B'harnii gone for several years, some Jihaddi have gone into politics and a former Sponge Minion has been elected President of the USA. Another difference is the much more invovled role of the mundanes. Police and federal agencies start noticing Jihad actions in a big way, and the Jihad will have to run from them in between fighting B'harnii's returning hordes.

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