You opt to decline

You quickly ponder his offer, and suddenly all those curious questions you'd been thinking of earlier make no difference. This guy's just way too wacko for you to consider going anywhere with him.

"Well, I'd like to, but I really need to be on my way... I need to..."

Before you can finish your sentence, he cuts you off yet again. "EYeah, I know how it is. Places to go, schedules to keep, people to keep happy. Well, maybe next time then. But before you go, a word of advice...?"

You smile meekly and nod as if asking him to go on.

"Don't go running into any more guys in uniform that are bigger'n you are, eh?"

He laughs heartily and punches you playfully in the shoulder. However, he's big enough that a playful punch hurts more than most people's full punches would.

You struggle to keep from wincing, but it doesn't matter--he's already turned and walking away.

You watch him set off on his way. Before he disappears from sight, you see someone else bump into him and the clipboard go flying. "Interesting way to judge peoples' character," you grin to yourself. You turn and walk toward the base gate, and hear a loud crack within seconds. You don't even have to wonder what it was.

You grin to yourself as you massage your sore shoulder. "Not a bad choice... Not a bad choice indeed..."

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Fleet Commander Samhain