You seek a guide...

You wander around the installation before you. Various personnel scurry around, carrying out whatever tasks have been assigned them with great efficiency, clearly operating like a well-oiled machine; a machine that has stared the evils of B'harni in the eyes, fought them to a standstill, and pounded them into submission on many occasions.

As you mill about, watching the comings and goings of everyday life at this unclassified base, you can't help but wonder about what really keeps the machine oiled and running. Where is it run from? What kind of nerve center does it take to keep all these other bases operational? You came here expecting to get a tour of the headquarters, yet this is obviously not the place... so where are you supposed to go?

Due to your meandering thoughts, you fail to watch where you're going and crash into someone in uniform, sending his clipboard of papers flying in a less-than-graceful arc to the ground, where his papers scatter in the gentle breeze.

What do you do? Do you:

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Fleet Commander Samhain