You Expect to Die...

You open your eyes wide, afraid to miss a bit of whatever is about to happen, clenching your fingers into the armrests on your seat tightly enough to leave dents. You manage to get off a quick prayer to your deity, pleading for mercy on your soul as the shuttle continues its path towards its impending doom. The cliff face looms closer, and closer...

There is a slight buffeting as the shuttle approaches the cliff wall--you know you're dead for sure now--the shuttle's nose is right against the cliff wall. You watch, amazed, as the shuttle pushes its way into the sheer rock face before you, then suddenly pass through it! You notice off to the side that there's metal superstructure of some kind, and that there's a yellow line on a metal plate flooring below the shuttle.

The window darkens over again as you land, preventing you from seeing anything else on your way in until the door suddenly hisses open.

Standing in front of the door is a fiersome looking trio of guards, 2 kneeling, 1 standing. All have rather large rifles pointed at you. The standing one speaks first.

Who are you, Why Are You, And How are You?

How do you answer?

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Fleet Commander Samhain