This is the FAQ for the Weapons Engineering and Development for Jihaddi Expeditionary Efforts subdivision of the Doberman Empire.

  1. ----What is W.E.D.J.E.E. ?
  2. ----What is W.E.D.J.E.E. known for?
  3. ----History of W.E.D.J.E.E.
  4. ----Organization of W.E.D.J.E.E.
  5. ----W.E.D.J.E.E. Personnel
  6. ----Past W.E.D.J.E.E. operations
  7. ----Official W.E.D.J.E.E. stuff
  8. ----How do I join?

  1. What is W.E.D.J.E.E.
    W.E.D.J.E.E. stands for (W)eapons (E)ngineering and (D)evelopment for (J)ihaddi (E)xpeditionary (E)fforts and is a subdivision of the Doberman Empire (reasons for incorporation into the Empire are explained later.) What does we do? We do exactly what our name implies-- we design, develop, and improve technology for use in the battle against B'harne. After developing a new device, we test it both in the laboratory and in the field before shipping it out to other Jihaddi organizations.
  2. What is W.E.D.J.E.E. known for?
    W.E.D.J.E.E. is known best for its specialty weapons and its unrelenting development of new hardware and strategems for the battle against the Pedophilic Purple Pussbag. Two of our better known developments are listed in the following section. For more information, see the weapons list or our vehicle catalog. If they are unavailable, send a request to midnite@nol.net specifying which you would like to have.

    Burgermasterblaster (tm) -- this was the first major success of W.E.D.J.E.E. Before we were well-known, our security was rather lax and the prototype of the weapon was stolen by SM forces. It was recovered by Arsenal the Lone Warrior and returned to W.E.D.J.E.E. HQ (where security had been infinitely improved) for mass production. In return, he got the first Burgermasterblaster (tm) off the assembly line. What does it do? It turns SMs into grease-dripping, hot, ready to eat bacon double cheeseburgers--the favorite of the C-in-C of W.E.D.J.E.E.

    Supershakersoaker (tm) -- converted versions of the commercially available supersoakers. Designed to spray SMs with a stream of refrigerated McD's shake, either killing them instantly or despongifying.

  3. History of W.E.D.J.E.E.
    Originally, W.E.D.J.E.E. was an independant organization headed by Commander Samhain, C-in-C W.E.D.J.E.E. However, as time went on and W.E.D.J.E.E. grew in size and influence, it began to bump into the Doberman Empire and its missions. To maximize efficiency and cooperation, a merger was proposed to Fleet Commander Serbeus by then-Captain Blackheart now-Commander Samhain. W.E.D.J.E.E. command personnel (the only ones posting on ab4d) received commisions in the Doberman Empire and official ranks, and W.E.D.J.E.E. effectively became a subdivision of the Doberman empire, more specifically of Dobintell, the intelligence branch of the Doberman Empire. In July of 1995, the command was handed over to Doberman Warrior Ashur Galand.
  4. W.E.D.J.E.E. Organization and structure
    W.E.D.J.E.E. is divided into two main sections: R&D and operations. The C-in-C of W.E.D.J.E.E. has direct control of the operations forces and recieves briefings about progress in the R&D branch and can advise the direction that R&D should proceed. Answering directly to him is the head of R&D, who is in charge of the day-to-day operations of R&D and generally stays with the R&D group unless ordered otherwise by his superiors in the Empire or the C-in-C.
  5. W.E.D.J.E.E. personnel
    W.E.D.J.E.E. has several active command-level officers who post on ab4d. These officers are Doberman Commander Samhain (AKA Captain Blackheart), Warrior Ashur Galand (Current C-in-C), Trooper Poseidon (aka Shardik the Feral), and Trooper Charcarodon. Others work with and for us, but do not get acknowledged by name in our postings. Still others will be seen putting WEDJEE in their .sigs! Uniforms? Of course! Have you seen the movie "Toys" ? Remember the uniforms of the security forces? That's almost exactly what we wear. Knock off half the diagonal red stripes on the chest and add our insignia to the shoulders, and you have us. The insignia on our uniforms consist of the orange, brown, and black logo of the Doberman Empire on the right shoulder and, on the left, the W.E.D.J.E.E. insignia. The W.E.D.J.E.E. insignia is a black patch with red lettering surrounded by splatters of purple and green mush. (See the logo on our headquarters page.)
  6. Past W.E.D.J.E.E. operations
    The following are just a few of the major missions W.E.D.J.E.E. troops have been directly involved in.
  7. Official W.E.D.J.E.E. stuff
  8. How do I join?
    Do you think you have what it takes to be a member of W.E.D.J.E.E. ? Do you:
    1. have a funtioning cerebrum (tm)?
    2. hate B'harne?
    3. have creative ideas for new technologies for the Jihad?
    4. have any combat experience?

    If you answered "yes" to numbers one thru 3, you have what it takes. Number 4 is not a requirement, but it much improves your chances of getting through our background checks and getting in. Further, if you want to join, you are encouraged to read the FAQ of the Doberman Empire. If both groups sound good, apply to both groups. For W.E.D.J.E.E., send mail to Sir Galand (steve_scott@mail.utexas.edu) with some background information and reasons for wanting to join. For fastest response, put "W.E.D.J.E.E. assignment request" on the subject line.

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Last Updated: 10/3/95 Warrior Ashur Galand, C-in-C of WEDJEE.