Vehicle Modifications from W.E.D.J.E.E.

Here it is: the long-awaited list of vehicle mods that can be put into whatever personal vehicle you wish. Many of these will look familar as being on the STRAFE. This is because the same standards that the STRAFE meets will be used in customizing your vehicle. Only difference is a few extra toys still under development and the fact that the STRAFE is a Modified Ferrarri Testarossa.

We'll upgrade whatever you send us; just allow a week or so for delivery. Earlier time estimates were higher, but that was before we had proper facilities developed for doing multiple mods and trained our now specialized upgrade personnel. Each vehicle type will get its own name, courtesy of WEDJEE, for our recognition and tracking purposes as well as providing instant recognition as a personalized vehicle.

For a vehicle the size of the STRAFE (a sports car):

Standard Features:

Weapons Packages
Pick any combination of the following weapons for a total of 6. Movement Mods
Pick two (2) Note: Sensors required for these mods are included, ie altitude or depth meter, sonar, radar, etc.

Other Extras
(Additional Fees required. Plus tax. Lots of Tax. C/o "President Bill")

Note: Prices subject to change without notice on these mods, so they aren't listed here!

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks. Sir Ashur Galand, C-in-C of WEDJEE.

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