This listing by no means contains all WEDJEE weaponry; it is merely a listing of the most common and most battle-tested equipment. More is always developing.

If you use any of our equipement in battle against B'harni, we require no more payment than recognition of our items for where they came from and leaving trademarks (tms) in place.

We highly recommend that those without deep technological backgrounds do not disassemble or modify their items. All warrantees are null and void, and we are not to be held resposible for malfunctions due to the user opening the item or changing it from its new status at all.

For that matter, since we do not charge you, if it breaks or malfunctions, it is still your problem, although we have never had any reports of failure or malfunction of anything that we have publicly released.

Please also note that our AI systems tend to have minds of their own, and we are not responsible for their thoughts, attitudes or actions. If we could be, we would.

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