4) What are the official colours, insignia and uniforms of the Doberman Empire?

You either are a brave Jihaddi warrior looking for a sign of victory or a cowardly, feeble Sponge-Minion checking so that it might know when to run. In any event, the official colours of the Doberman Empire are black, brown, and orange. These are the colours of a Doberman Pinscher, for those who are unaware, and appear on our flags and banners in combat.

=-=-= Logo =-=-=

[DE Logo]

The Doberman emblem on all uniforms is an irregular hexagon, the top and bottom being longer than the other 4 sides and is bordered with a red trim line. The centre of the emblem is a black field which has two crossed, silver-colored swords, hilts at the top of the field, across it. Superimposed over their intersection is the head of a large, black Doberman, teeth clinched in a snarl and glowing with a fiery red aura. Emblazoned above the head of the snarling doberman in matching red are the words "Doberman Empire."

=-=-= Rank Insignia =-=-=

All Dobermensch rank insignia begin with the Empire Logo described above. As rank increases, additions are made to the uniform.

=-=-= Uniforms =-=-=

Troopers wear dress uniforms consisting of a black turtlneck sporting the logo on the left side of the neck as well as pleated black trousers, polished black shoes, and belt with brass buckle.

Warriors have the same black turtleneck, trousers, and shoes, but also have a wool overcoat with brass buttons. The logo and rank insignia is worn on the left shoulder (closest to the heart) with any auxiliary insignia such as the WEDJEE logo placed on the right shoulder. If no such secondary logo is present, the rank logo is also placed there.

Centurions wear largely the same uniform as the Warriors, with the exception of a narrow, red stripe down the pantlegs and epaulets bearing a single red stripe at the outside edge on the shoulders.

Commanders and the Fleet Commander also add a second stripe to the epaulets as well as the appropriate stars.

All Dobermensch wear paramilitary gear for battle. Black or camo fatigue pants plus flak jackets are standard, but exceptions are granted for special outfits and equipment such as battlearmor and mech pilot suits.

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