You accept his offer...

All those questions you were pondering before you ran into this huge man suddenly come flooding back to you in a rush, and you just know that this is an offer too good to pass up. "Sure!" you agree happily. "Let's go!"

"Great!" He grins broadly. "Follow me down to the tarmac, and don't hesitate to yell if ya can't keep up--you wouldn't be the only one. But we don't have much time, so we gotta doubletime it. Oh! When ya get there, don't forget to tell 'em that Daniels sent ya!"

You nod agreement, and off you go towards the tarmac. His huge, powerful legs don't even seem to be working, yet they're taking such incredibly long strides that you're practically jogging to keep up. As you watch the churning motion of his legs, you become convinced that he isn't actually doubletiming--this is his normal walking pace!

After what seems like an eternity of trying to keep up with the pace of your well-muscled escort, you arrive at the tarmac and head over to the nearest landing pad, which is occupied by an unusual looking shuttle.

"Well, buddy, this is it. I go no further than this! There's your shuttle over there! Better go get in, 'fore she leaves without ya! He grins, and gives you a gentle nudge towards the shuttle.

You don't need any encouragemant; you go get in the shuttle without another word. As you climb in, you turn your head to look for him and wave, but he's already gone.

A few minutes later, the shuttle smoothely leaves the ground and starts to arc away from the base. As it banks, you can look out over the base, where it's fairly easy to pick out your new friend simply by his tremendous stature. You look down just in time to see him smack into someone else, and the clipboard go flying. The smaller figure appears to turn and laugh, only to be spun around and catch a fist upside the face hard enough to make *your* face sting. "oooch!" you think to yourself. "Well, that's certainly an interesting way to judge people's character..." As a group rushes out to collect the prone form, the windows darken over and you can't see out any more.

Intrigued and wondering why you're the only one on the shuttle, you head forward where you realize that the pilot is... an android?!?!

"Please return to your seat," instructs the droid. "I am instructed to destroy any who are uncooperative."

Noting a rather large blaster in one of the droid's 6 arms, you decide it wisest to return to your place in one of the plush fabric seats of the shuttle, sit back, and relax. As you do so, fatigue overwhelms you--apparently some kind of knockout device or gas... ahh, well... may as well enjoy the nap...

When you awake, you find the windows have gone back to normal and you can see out again. You have absolutely no idea where you are, which was apparently the point. You look out the windows to the terrain below and to the side. Sheer rock faces are on either side of you, and clear water flowing gently underneath you. You try to look up, so as to have some idea how big a canyon you are in, yet can see nothing due to covers over the tops of the windows. So far as you know, you could be anywhere in the world. Even with satellite topography there's no way of figuring it out...

Something strikes you as odd about all this, though. Everything seems so silent, clearly some form of far-advanced stealth technology. Impressive.

Suddenly, the shuttle spins ninety degrees, and the nose of the shuttle is facing directly towards the sheer cliff wall! Something must be wrong!

What do you do? Do you:

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Fleet Commander Samhain